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  • Testimonial #3
    Robert & Deborah Smith,

    We had the intention of taking care of our estate planning needs for some time. When we finally made the decision to go forward and address this important issue, we sought Thad’s help. Immediately we felt comfortable with Thad. He visited with us to assess our needs and definitely took care of us by producing the documents necessary to fulfill our wishes. We so appreciated his professionalism while maintaining a friendly working relationship. He updated our legal documents when the need arose to add grandchildren to them. He advised us in selling our home in Columbia and purchasing a home in Colorado, based on the condition of the Living Trust he generated for us. We would recommend Thad’s services to anyone seeking to navigate the confusing world of estate planning.Robert & Deborah Smith

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  • Testimonial #2

    I want to say thank you for all your prompt assistance with obtaining Medicaid for my sister so I was able to place her in a nursing care facility. When I first came to see you I was in a state of anxiety, burnout, and guilt after taking care of my sister for so long and unable to do so any longer because of my own health reasons. You listened and did everything that needed to be done to solve my problem while keeping me informed. The outcome was great and has given me tremendous relief.

    So, with all my heart, THANK YOU. E.N. Columbia, MO

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  • Testimonial #1
    The Tietsort Family, Brookfield, MO,

    Our family is like a lot of families where our parents are lifelong Missouri residents and all of their kids live out of state. Due to our mother’s mobility issues, she needed nursing home care. Dad needed a law firm that would be his lifeline regarding all legal matters involving Mom’s transition to a nursing home. Midwest Elder Law Firm provided that lifeline. When it came time to meet with Thad, Sandra, and the rest of the MidWest associates, they made special arrangements for us to come to Columbia around a holiday when we would all be in Missouri at the same time. If Dad or any other members of our family required assistance, Thad Taylor and Sandra Jones were just a phone call away. We highly recommend Midwest Elder Law Firm to others in need of the same services that our family required.The Tietsort Family, Brookfield, MO

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