Estate Planning

What is “Estate” planning?

Estate planning isn’t about how much money you have. It’s about protecting all that you have for your use during your life, and those you love, after. Your estate plan ensures you can leave what you want to whom you want, and when you want.

Estate planning is not just about your finances. It also consists of what happens to you if you become disabled or incapacitated before you die. If you cannot make your own decisions or handle your own affairs, who will? What decisions will they make? The State has a plan for those who don’t have their own; but if you would like to have a say in these matters, you need to make your own rules with your estate plan.

Your financial advisor and CPA make up part of the team to ensure you are prepared as best as possible, but only an attorney can prepare your estate plan. It can be as basic as a Will, Advanced Healthcare Directive, and Powers of Attorney; or it can include one or more trusts to provide probate avoidance, asset protection, or for a number of other fact-specific advantages.

Estate Plan Maintenance

Once an estate plan is completed, it should be reviewed and kept current with the life events of both you and everyone else included in your plan (successor trustees, beneficiaries, etc.), including but not limited to births, deaths, financial changes, marriages, divorces. In addition, you should keep current on any changes in the law that could have an impact on your estate plan.

Midwest Elder Law Firm offers a maintenance plan that provides you an open phone line to us and an annual review of your plan (at your request) to ensure that your plan remains current with your goals, family, finances, and the law.

Estate Administration

Personal Representatives and Trustees owe an abundance of complex duties to beneficiaries and the courts. We assist clients in identifying their duties and guide them through the administrative process.

Contact us today at 573-445-4755 or send us a message and let us help you determine what amount of estate planning is right for you and your family.

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