Last Will & Testament

Last Will and Testament

If you die with assets in your name alone, those assets will pass through probate. If you do not have a Will, your assets pass according to the State’s rules, known as Intestacy. A Will DOES NOT avoid probate, but it lets you decide who will get what is left of your stuff after the probate period runs.

The advantages of a Will over no Will include:

  • It lets you name who gets what, and in what proportions;
  • You can protect your loved ones from creditors and predators with an enhanced Will that includes a testamentary trust;
  • You can instruct the Court to waive bond and allow unsupervised administration of your estate, which makes the job a little easier for your personal representative; and
  • You can name your preferred guardians for your minor children.

A Last Will and Testament DOES NOT:

  • Avoid the expense, time, and publicity of probate;
  • Guarantee your wishes will be followed by the Court; or
  • Protect your assets during your lifetime.

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