I moved my wife to Missouri from a nursing home in Alabama where she had been previously approved for Medicaid for four years.  I had located a facility for her and visited the local Family Services office to begin the application process for Mo Healthnet (Medicaid).  After being told by a caseworker that the process was very simple and rapid as my wife had been previously approved for Medicaid in another state, the move took place and the application was sent in.  I felt confident all was well.   I was mistaken.

After many calls to the Family Support Division, and reassurances by the staff that all was good with the application, I sold my home in Alabama and moved to Missouri to be closer to the woman I’ve been married to for forty years.  Once month after closing on my home here, the application was denied in November of 2013.  This left me with a $40,000 nursing home bill.  Needless to say, I was in deep trouble and realized I needed professional help. I went online and looked for someone who could help.  After many phone conversations with different law offices, I spoke with Sandra at Midwest Elder Law Firm in Columbia. She told me about Thad’s experience as a supervising attorney for administrative hearing reviews for these types of cases prior to opening the Law Firm and was sure he could help.  I made an appointment to meet with Thad.

In our first meeting, Thad looked at my application and supporting documentation and put me at ease.  While each case is different, he made me feel comfortable about the process. The first step was to request a hearing and submit a new application.  He went with me to the hearing and presented a concise, professional and forceful argument.  Although I expressed concern after the hearing, he was calm and told me he felt the hearing went well.  He continued to work on the case and the hearing review board found the state process was flawed and ordered the Agency to reconsider the original case.

After many back and forth sessions with the state by him, it was done.  Thad called me on the 5th of May and told me the original application had been approved and that payment to the nursing home would be back to the original application date of April 1, 2013.  While I was ecstatic over the result, the real story is in the dollar amount he saved me and my family.  His hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism saved us over $65,000 in back payments to the nursing home.

The relatively small fee paid to this office saved me much more than money. It saved my health and ensured that my wife would be taken care of.  I can now sleep at night knowing I no longer have to worry about how I am going to care for my wife. I continue to ask for his assistance for the annual reviews of her eligibility and for financial planning for the family.

Clearly the most professional and personable office I’ve ever been associated with.  I can only say, if you need help, call Midwest Elder Law Firm and speak with them. You’ll be glad you did!

John, Sedalia, MO

Our family is like a lot of families where our parents are lifelong Missouri residents and all of their kids live out of state.   Due to our mother’s mobility issues, she needed nursing home care.  Dad needed a law firm that would be his lifeline regarding all legal matters involving Mom’s transition to a nursing home.  MidWest Elder Law Firm provided that lifeline.  When it came time to meet with Thad, Sandra, and the rest of the MidWest associates, they made special arrangements for us to come to Columbia around a holiday when we would all be in Missouri at the same time.  If Dad or any other members of our family required assistance, Thad Taylor and Sandra Jones were just a phone call away.  We highly recommend MidWest Elder Law Firm to others in need of the same services that our family required.

The Tietsort Family

Brookfield, Missouri

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