Trust Administration

Trust administration is similar to Probate in some ways: You still have to pay the deceased’s bills and distribute the estate according to the deceased’s instructions. However, the administration can be done at a fraction of the cost and in the attorney’s office or the family’s living room, rather than the courtroom.

An estate planning attorney helps the trustee ensure the Trust’s rules are followed; defend claims against the Trust; comply with Federal and State laws; send proper notice and accountings to beneficiaries; and diminish chances of family squabbles. The attorney can also work with your accountant and financial planner to save significant funds by choosing the proper tax elections, the timing of sales, and the timing and manner of making distributions.

The best trust in the world doesn’t work if it is not administered correctly.

If you are placed in the position of administrator of an estate, either through Trust, Will, or Neither, contact Midwest Elder Law Firm to help your family through the administration process with grace , dignity and respect.

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